FACE MASK Bundle 12 Pack Variety Fabric Emoji design Unisex size FREE Priority Shipping Travel Mask Dust Mask Washable

Swirled Peas

$ 125.00 

Why a multi-pack of face masks? Does anyone own just one pair of socks? Of course not!
You'll want to wash your mask after using (in very hot water) so there will be a couple of masks in the laundry, maybe a couple in the dryer as well. Then you have one in the car glove box, one in your purse or work bag, one in your gym bag, one in your coat pocket, three clean ones in your top drawer (next to your socks) and one ended up under the couch cushion, because everything eventually ends up there. That's 12! And if you have 2 or more adults sharing, a dozen masks makes complete sense.

These masks are made in the USA! The front is woven Poly Microfleece and the back is 100% 320 count cotton. Emoji style has white backing. These masks are 8 x 5.5 inches, unisex 'one size fits most'. Each 12 pack will contain a variety of graphics. Machine washable and can withstand hot water (sanitizing) and steam ironing (sanitizing). See our other listings for different styles

***Please zoom in on the photos and look at how the masks are made. I want your expectations to be in the right place.
***Typically ships in about 2-3 working days and will be mailed USPS Priority 1-3 Day. The production time is subject to change due to rising demand.
***Not medical grade and no medical claims for this product
***This is a two layer fabric barrier to be used at your discretion
***Due to the nature of this product, returns are not accepted.

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