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Thanks, everyone, for holding your breath with me as I updated and revamped my online shop!  Have you ever been surprised when something comes together much easier than anticipated?  It's such a great relief.  I still have a few tweaks to make and products to list, but for the most part, we're rolling...and I did it all myself, without even a single call to tech support!

I've got a great graphic to share from one of my favorite decorators, Dina at honeyandfitz I get the question a lot, especially with new construction and bath remodels, "How high do I want my curtain rod?"  The answer is, "The higher, the better!"

It's true of so many things...visual illusions impact our perception of depth and size.  The simple version of the window and curtain illusion is illustrated here:

So here's my advice.  If you are ready to hang a rod for your window curtains or a shower curtain, nice and high is best, no matter the size of the room.



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